March 30, 2012


So i have been lusting over the Prada Spring '12 earrings for a while now, and wanting to attempt a DIY.  Inspired by the amazing Kaz from Amped & Dangerous..and her DIY.... here is my own attempt!

You will need:
1. Flower earrings (try Sportsgirl, Ebay or Etsy)
2. Chandelier crystal earrings (try Diva, Equip, Ebay, Etsy... any cheap jewellery store actually)
3. Pliers

Step 1:
Just take off the earring attachment part of the crystal earrings. (either pry it off, or get some snips to cut it)

There should be a jump ring left on the top.  (if not get your own jump ring.. spotlight sells them) and attach it yourself, so that there is something for the flower earring to thread through.

Step 2:
Then simply thread the flower earring through the jump ring, and put on the stopper.

And viola... it's that easy!!!

March 26, 2012


New Zara Lookbook - April

Zara should either hurry up and open in Brisbane.... or ship to Australia (not sure why they don't already??)