August 24, 2010


                                          Australia                                                  Austria
                                               Belgium                                           Bulgaria

                                              Canada                                                 China
                                                 Denmark                                           Finland
                                                 France                                                   Germany
                                            Greece                                                    Hong Kong
                                             Ireland                                                           Israel
                                                Italy                                                         Japan
                                       Netherlands                                                     Norway
                                           Portugal                                                 Singapore
                                             Spain                                                              Sweden
                                              Switzerland                                           Taiwan
                                  United Kingdom                                               Vietnam
It's young student designers like these guys that inspire me the most. These are pics of the finalists for the Triumph Inspiration Awards, which is an annual contest that challenges international design students to create an inspiring lingerie showpiece for a given theme. This year, the TIA invites students to design a bold and brazen lingerie piece for theme "Shape Sensation".

All finalist designs were modeled by Helena Christensen.... she's still got it.

I couldn't pick just one as my favourite, so i picked a bunch :) My top 10 would have to be Australia of course, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and Switzerland... i basically rate all of them... well done.

Which one is your favourite?


Fashion Cappuccino said...

WOw!! They're so amazing!! Every single piece took my breath away!! I love Bulgaria!! xoxoxoxoxo

New Blogger Design Tricks said...

every dress is amazing man.. i wish i could see my girl in any one of these dresses.. wow


grand salute to bulgaria!



Tea Joeli said...

amazing pics:)
she's stunning!


Zorian said...

The UK. gets my vote! Love Helena, in the Chris Isaak, video, Wild at Heart.

klee said...

Austria, Israel, Singapore and Spain are hot!
Klee xx