November 17, 2010


The lovely ladies over at La Placard asked if they could feature my closet on their blog... this is the post.  Visit them HERE, and check out their blog.

Today's Le Placard is brought to you from the land down under- Australia! (And yes we plan on exploring closets on every continent) Our friend Sammi, of chase.dakota shares with us her closet (or 'Walk in robe' as she calls it- Love!) which consists mostly of pieces in black and neutral, while her accessories tend to be more bright and exotic, just like this funky Aussie chick!

Sammi wearing an Italian Silk turban she made herself.

Name: sammi burley
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Occupation: Designer/ Accounts at an Engineering company
Favorite Quote: “Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable” Coco Chanel
Favorite Designer: That’s a hard one…. I have a few, but I would have to say my all time favourite… not that I can afford his stuff, is Alexander McQueen… he will go down in fashion history as a legend.
How would you describe your style? I would have to say it is a subdued eclectic style. I love my basics but i love mixing in a few different styles into one look.
Where do you get your clothes? Pretty much everywhere and anywhere… I do make a lot of my own clothes, but I also buy a lot too.
Just to list a few stores:
If you can’t tell, I’m addicted to online shopping.

What is #1 on your fashion wish list at the moment?  Ohh… a pair of Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony shorts…. They aren’t available online, so I think I’m doomed as we don’t have an Opening Ceremony store here in Aus…. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on them let me know ASAP lol.  

The unique thing about my closet is… on the plans for the house, it’s called a WIR (walk in robe), but I think SIR (step in robe) is more appropriate, as it’s not actually possible to do any walking in my closet it is that small… but I’m working on it. One day I will have a HUGE closet!!! But at the moment that is just a pipe dream.

Maurie and Eve Boots 
As soon as I saw them I feel in love, and bought them immediately.   No regrets what so ever with the money I parted, as they have seen me through thick and thin.  I have been able to pair them with just about any outfit I throw at them.

Assorted Jewellery
 From left to right: Armour ring by Sportsgirl, leopard knuckle duster by fellow etsy seller superwicked, diamond ring from my man, cross bangle by Sportsgirl, Aztec ring by Sportsgirl, jade ring from HongKong, Michael Kors watch and bell watch gift from Asia.

Vintage Mohair Sweater (Once was a turtle neck)
 I got this from my mum actually. I wasn’t diggin the turtle neck at the time, so I cut off the neck and slit it down the middle to make a cardi/jacket. And the awesome thing was I didn’t have to hem it.

Pendleton Dopp Bag
 I have only just recently acquired this bag from Opening Ceremony, and it has already shot straight to the top of my favourite list.

If you love Sammi's style as much as we do, especially that awesome silk turban she made, check out her Etsy store.

Thanks Sammi!


Rosa&Carlotta said...

Lovely! I always like closet pictures :D
check out our fashion illustrations at :)

asha said...

Nice :) Maurie and Eve is awesome, and your closet looks great :) You make me want to buy a sewing machine.

TOPCOAT said...

Love the photos, esp the headband! xx

Beckerman Girls said...

Sammi's closet is amazing!!! Lovin' that silk's sooo gorgeous! And I'm a sucker for anything Pendleton!!!

xoThe Beckerman Girls


your so cute, i loved seeing your fav things and closet.


I am now following you! please visit my blog too, i hope you like it and that we become friends.

StylePicks said...

Nice blog


Laureen Uy said...

I love all your accessories!!!!!!!! I DIED! xx