July 31, 2012



I'm going to give this DIY a whirl... just ordered some cheap white jeans from ASOS!! a little bit nervous about wearing white jeans, as they are not necessarily the most flattering... and if worn incorrectly can look pretty tacky! but I love anything that involves clear plastic so this DIY was a must! What are your thoughts on this look?

Check out the original DIY and instructions here at Love Aesthetics. 


Anonymous said...

she's amazing right? love her blog and tks for sharing!

sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

i know... she is one of my favourite bloggers!!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Cool DIY. Love the PVC detail.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Kasturi S. said...

Woooo! Cant wait to see how you go! I saw this too, but like you was a bit :S about white denim - but should work with dark denim too?

Wends said...

DIE. where'd you get the pvc from lady?