October 7, 2011



I attended the Calico Brides Design Awards last night, equip with my abnormally tanned model (i swear I'm not that pale standing next to a normal person!!), my dress i whipped up last minute (not a good idea), and a little bit of excitement and anticipation. 

We arrived backstage mid morning to see all the professional bridal designers dress rehearsal ... and i will admit, seeing the quality of their dresses, i didn't even want to pull mine out of it's garment bag haha.  Intimidation aside, the rest of the student designers started to rock up, and then i was a bit excited to see what everyone else had done.   The detail and construction of some of the student designer dresses were absolutely amazing... and back goes my dress into it's garment bag lol... kidding!  

The day was long, with walk-throughs, pre-judging, photographs, and then the final parade for the audience, and a lot of waiting around in between. 

At the end of the day, i didn't end up winning an award, but it was a really good experience, and a good day (long day... but good).  However a big congratulations to Liezl, who did take home a highly commended award!!  

Just wanted to say a big thanks to my model Taryn, to Liezl for making the day so enjoyable, and to Mat, Dan, Kt, Kate, Chris and little Ty for coming along to support.

# note to self for next time - start on dress early, don't change the design last minute, and get a tan haha 

xx sammi 


rouli said...


Arden said...

This is fab, loving the details.. Are those Christopher Kane heels on the models?x x

Clara Turbay said...

I like your sense of style. I hope you can check out my blog.


sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

yes they are christopher kane

Liezl said...

Thank you Sam, It was sooooo good to see you and I had lots of fun!!! <3 <3

cat said...

I LOVE your dress. If I was (ever) to get married id want something just like that! those shoes are freaking awesome too!! where from?? xx

alannah. said...

Your dress is gorgeous! definitely something I could see myself wearing. Very calvin klein-esque.x


Albina said...

you are so cute!!
i like your sneakes