October 16, 2011



One word... weird!

Symmetrical faces are said to be the benchmark of true beauty. So messing around with some cropping and mirroring... i made my face symmetrical.  It's so weird to look at... it hardly looks like me....fake even.  I believe people's asymmetries are what make them unique and beautiful in there own way.  I will admit.. i wish my eyebrows matched exactly... as my right eyebrow(left in the picture) is letting me down... i cannot seem to get it the same shape as the other one!!! 

On an eyebrow note... i'm thinking of trying threading...has anyone done threading?? what are your thoughts?? 


Bang and Buck said...

i love this!! it's really cool... i often say i have "a better side" to my face, but its not actually natural to be completely symmetrical. i think you are much nicer in the right picture :)


Bang & Buck

Kristen Leotsakou said...

perfection is boring, im voting for the asymmetrical <3 you are so elegantly beautiful! :)

Francesca said...

hahah at first i thought this photo was about how your parted your hair and then im like.. omg her face is totally different! TRIPPY! so interesting how you mirrored your face. i have one eyebrow letting me down too... soo annoying isn't it!?
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Jamie-Maree said...

Being able to spot those little differences is what makes us unique-if everyone was perfect there would be nothing to show our real beauty!

P.S Theaading hurttss!


Ania Alonso said...

cute blog!!!

Kisses from Spain!

Duygu said...

Aother cute post dear, really lovely and stunning as usual :))

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C & M said...

wow! i love what you've done! you're good at editing!

Chloe said...

I have had threading done in Dubai I freaking loved it. I have next to no eye brows and struggle to get good shape and she gave me an arch!!!


Dressed and Eaten said...

I tried threading while I was in holidays in Egypt a while back. It is so good! Great technique and way to get a better shape. It feels slightly weird at first I must say. Wish it was more common here in Australia.

Sheryl said...

It's awesome how you brought this topic..I have always hated my eyes as they are smaller than the other one. Over the years, I have learnt to embrace it. It actually love the natural you.

I've done threading before and it's almost painless. I'd say try it!! Btw, love your blog..so am following.

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Lucent Imagery said...

Wow, what an awesome experiment. It's amazing how different you look. But I do think you look beautiful as you are asymetrically. I wouldn't have noticed your differing eyebrows. I don't get mine done any more. I've embraced the natural, thicker look and just tweezer the stray hairs underneath. (And the thicker look comes in and out of fashion, so at some point I'm up with the trend!)