June 5, 2012


What do you think when you hear the phrase clear plastic... shower curtains, Tupperware containers perhaps?? Well I think 3.1 Phillip Lim Sandals, a new mac from Topshop, or some irresistibly cool glasses from Ellery.

Transparent plastics in the wearable form is clearly a big trend hitting the runways again and again....see what I did there......be prepared for more!

In July of '07, Robert Basler of Reuters declared that clear plastic was going to be 'the new black leather’... well... as far as I’m concerned...he was right.  2007 saw the likes of Chanel sporting new clear accessories. Since 2007 the trend has slowly been building and building, with Proenza Schouler, Chanel and Emma Cook in 2009, Prada, Versace and Zac Posen in 2010, and most recently, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chanel once again in 2012.   With the passing years some of our favourite chain stores like Asos, Topshop and Zara have picked up on the trend, which has given us less cashed up folk more accessibility.  

images via style.com 

This isn’t the first time we have seen this trend.  Look back to the 60’s during the “space age” period, post WWII.  Designers like Rudi Gernreich & Andre Courreges were pushing the boundaries and embracing the new fibre technology available, which resulted in futuristic style dresses featuring clear plastic splicing in the form of the iconic 60’s mini dress.  This look didn’t necessarily trickle down to the streets but it was definitely an iconic moment in fashion.

(Dresses by Rudi Gernreich & Andre Courreges) images via google 

Then skip ahead to the 80’s just after the sexual revolution, when clear plastic was used to create a sexual illusion of something see –through, almost fetish like.  Note: stripper heels!! Then there was a more subtle take on the sexiness of the see through number.... heels like these Christian Dior’s, which could easily be mistaken for shoes of the 21st century if it weren’t for that elastic sling back.... and who can forget the jelly sandals??... not sure on the sexual appeal or if they were necessarily influenced by the sexual revolution??, but hey each to their own I guess.

(stripper heels from the 80's, Christian Dior heels from the 80's, jelly sandals from the 80's) images via google

I’m pretty glad we have evolved from the 80’s take on clear plastic.  Otherwise I’m afraid my love of clear plastics would have strayed me to a more promiscuous career path.  Luckily for me, today it’s about reworking the classics with a clear new identity... clear plastic trench coats, carry-alls-pumps... mind you if you don’t wear some normal clothes underneath that clear plastic trench, people may start throwing money at you... which if you ignore the fact that you will basically be naked it may not be a bad thing?? 

Stripper banter aside.... if you think you have missed out on the clear bandwagon....don’t fret, forecasters are still predicting it for future seasons... both summer and winter!!  Ranging from retro to futuristic, from romantic to punk, from the avant-garde to the minimalistic... and a variety in between, it’s got all bases covered. 


Here is a little shopping inspiration to get you thinking clearly!!

1. Jeffrey Campbell  2. Michael Kors  3. Jil Sander  4. Martin Margiela 
 5. ASOS  6. Walmart  7. Chloe Sevigny  8. Harvey Nichols  
9. Culter & Gross  10. Topshop  11. Charlotte Olympia 

xx sammi


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Love this post and all its pun glory :)
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Hmm don't think this trend is for me! Apart from the clear umbrella I have already

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The clear boots are beyond amazing!


CULTstyle said...

Just found your blog= LOVE X


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The clear boots are amazing!

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