March 22, 2011


1.  Bag by Kate Spade
2. Collar by Pixie Market
3. Skirt by ASOS
4. Necklace by chase.dakota
5. Bracelet by Hermes
6. Pants by ASOS
Burnt orange, bright orange, neon orange, or even just plain orange.  This colour seams to be the centre of attention at the moment... and i'm lovin it. It's refreshing to see winter looks with big pops of colour... especially orange... rather than the normal black and grey combinations.  These are some orange pieces on my shopping wishlist at the moment.  Have fun with it!


SAMANTHA said...

Agreed. orange and red pops of colour I am lovingggg right now! :)


BASIIK said...

I can't wait to use my orange bag!

Anne said...

thanks for sharing! i like your picks. orange is the new black if you ask me;) X

Chrissy said...

It's funny you should post this Sammi because just last night I purchased a Comme Des Garcon Orange pouch. You should check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca bag in orange - amazing.

Oh and I wish Kate Spade's site would ship here!

Michelle's Style File said...

Great post- I love this colour!


mimi said...

its funny i HATE orange but i love this color. it will be so much fun to wear this, hot pink and electric blue this spring. cant wait!

great post btw. i love the collar and everything from ASOs...and the bag (ok i guess i like everything!)

mademoiselle mimi

Jessie said...

I'm the same, I've been wearing orange lipstick nonstop these past few weeks! I just checked out your etsy store, you have some amazing pieces.

Shani Galarza said...

Love all of this !!


Faridah said...

I love this colour

cat said...

Ive been contemplating those orange asos pants for a while now. I like the other colours too, but buying pants online is such a risk. mmm.
cat x