March 7, 2011


Some of you may already be aware of The Hanging Space, but for those of you who don't know... it is a unique website dedicated to fashion forward labels from emerging designers of clothing, the latest jewellery and accessories, as well as having a hand picked vintage wardrobe. The website is run by the lovely ladies that run The Village Markets.  I was lucky enough to be asked to join their online store.  Right now you can grab these 3 one off pieces which are only available at The Hanging Space.


Miss Bias said...

Jewellery looks fabulous. Congrats on the new stockist.

Miss Bias

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Omg, congrats! These look beyond fabulous. Checking out The Hanging Space now! :)

the sweet butter girls said...

Your jewelry is fantastic! We'll be adding this to our favorites. Neon for the win!

Love the Sweet Butter Girls

Tereza Anton said...

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LaU said...

really cute!!!

Sarah Whitney said...

Oh I love these necklaces!! I'll def have to check out their website.

jamie-lee said...

Wow - I hadn't heard of this blog, but I love the concept. Gonna have to hceck it out now!

LA said...

Your jewelry is FUCKING AMAZING! I'm in love with previous post! I need to see more!
So glad I found you!


PRENA said...

Wow they are too beautiful!! Definitely shall check the website out!