March 31, 2011



Sooo it's my birthday today!!!!!! woohoo.. yes i am an april fools baby, and had many awful april fool jokes played on me when i was little by my brothers... but there was no april fools joke in this gorgeous present i got from my man this morning!! loving my new maniamania necklace.... more pics to come soon of my birthday!


Jes said...

Happy birthday lady! What a stunning birthday present! Your man has great taste :) xx

Jerrica said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! cool B-Date, Love the necklace.


Fashion Nostalgia

NLR said...

Happy birthday :-)
Really lovely necklace (and that's no joke either), it's so gorgeous!


Thu said...

Wonderful shot, and necklace. x

Welcome to my jungle said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great time yesterday.

Love your lipstick!

- Dani

JENNA L. said...

Oh wow. Happy Birthday ♥
Your boy has incredible taste. I like the necklace ALOT (and your lip colour too!)

x x x
I'm Just a Gal

klee said...

Oooh happy birthday for the other day!
It was mine on the 2nd of April! I got a Pamela Love necklace from my mister - seems like our guys both have amazing taste! Love your maniamania necklace, so effing cool!

Klee xx

Blackswan said...

ummm - that necklace is beyond amazing!! your man sure knows style! haha i would be jumping up and down in joy!

x Lauren